Jason Nguyen
J A S O N / N G U Y E N

Seagate Factory Machine App

SEAGATE Technology / Factory Machine App



For Seagate, I designed the FSID app to power operators in factories to track machine time.

Operators create records for each transaction used by each machine and work station, and access instruction documents necessary to operate the job.

A QR code locator provides the workers with access to a machine's data, so they are only using appropriate information for the right work station.


NOTE: Not final product design, for NDA compliance.


I designed the product, while still learning UX processes: how to interview stakeholders, how to document user journey, how to wireframe. I took as many free courses as I could to get it done right.

I then built the prototype with javascript, html, & css. Then, I conducted guerrilla user testing with Business partners and operators (end users).

This was the fun part! I was on the factory floor watching users interact with my prototype. This process truly sparked my interest in moving into UX - I empathized with the users in understanding their everyday pain points.

I participated in the final build of the project as a front end developer. During the project, I created a bootstrap-base css component library (my first Design system).



As a part of this project, I learned the principles of data visualization. For each dataviz feature, I experimented with different charts, to see which works best to communicate the story of the data. Types of data visualization that I worked on: supply status, system performance, past transaction comparison.