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J A S O N / N G U Y E N




I like to introduce myself as a professional empathizer. Since 2011, I have transformed complex problems into elegant interfaces that make life better for the users. I run Design sprints, plan large and small scale user research & contextual inquiry. I work well in tandem with engineers, executive leaderships, and marketing teams. More than just the visuals, I make design decisions based on my knowledge of business systems, user analytics, constant researching & best practices, but I also know when to bend the rules.

My projects include: brand-focus digital products, native mobile apps, enterprise tools (operation management, workflow management, transportation management), data viz, and building design systems.




THOMSON Reuters / Westlaw

Design for an accessible content-heavy platform, and crafting a responsive design system.

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AMERIPRISE Financial / Ameriprise Mobile App

Brand-focus visual and interaction design for a native mobile app team; & my creative vision.

CONSERVIS Corp. / Perennials

Easily my favorite project. Transportation & operational management tool, with dabbles in database design.


AMERIPRISE Financial / Enterprise App

Strategy for an enterprise work flow tool: untangle a messy platform. I led the redesign of an old platform for Call Operations. This is one of my favorite project because of the technical challenge of the vendor platform. I performed user research, crafted the MVP features & a full redesign vision, with a turnaround of less than 2 months.


AMERIPRISE Financial / Statements & Documents

How to make a simple, intuitive UI when facing complex technical & compliance req.

THAT SOAP SHOP Inc. / Main Website 

Branding & typography work for a friend’s startup business. I’m also a loyal customer.


METROPOLIS Transit / Case Study

A quick look into my UX process.


SEAGATE Technology / Factory Machine App

My early UX work, when I was still coding: a factory management app that helps operators report machine data in real time.



Facilitating user test on Mobile device

May 2017

He cares so much about the user experience in what he develops; it’s refreshing to see such dedication to the day-to-day operational needs of users.
— Jessica Hamptons / Business System Analyst
A fierce advocate for the end user, Jason can articulate and defend his reasoning with tact and clarity.
— Larissa Lowthorp / TimeJump Inc. CEO

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