Jason Nguyen
J A S O N / N G U Y E N




From a 5 person startup to Fortune 500 companies, I have transformed complex problems into elegant solutions in the past 7 years. With experience in Engineering & education in Business, I am best at distill complex business & technical requirement into simple, beautiful UI that works for the users.

I run Design sprints, plan large and small scale User research labs, & work in tandem with engineers, executives, and marketing teams. I am passionate about the UX design process because it allows me to make user-centered decisions based on analytics, research & best practice, as well as knowing when to switch up the rule books.

My specialty & experience: brand-focus digital products, complex internal tools (financial services workflow tools, factory and transportation operational tools), scalable design systems & native mobile apps.

I am involved in the UX community. I am passionate about speaking on how Diversity and Intersectionality influence Empathy. Most recently, you can find me at Enterprise Experience 2019 as a young UXer scholarship recipient.

my Proudest works



UX Design / IA / Native Mobile / Responsive Strategy / Product Strategy / UX Content Strategy
Responsive Design System / Rapid UX Testing / Google Venture’s Design Sprint / Design Technology Ambassador
2018 - current

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AMERIPRISE Financial / Ameriprise Mobile App

UX Design / Design Creative Lead / Interaction Design / IA / Branding / Product Strategy / Content Strategy & Compliance / Native Mobile (Android+iOS) / Material Design / iOS HIG / WCAG


AMERIPRISE Financial / Advisor Documents

UX Design / IA / Business Architecture / Interaction Design / Product Strategy / Usability Testing / Compliance

CONSERVIS Corp. / Perennials

UI-UX Design / Graphic design / Responsive / Native Mobile / Product Owner Assistant
2015 - 2016

THAT SOAP SHOP Inc. / Main Website 

UI & Graphic design / Branding / Typography / Loyal Customer
2016 - current


Facilitating user test on Mobile device

May 2017

He cares so much about the user experience in what he develops; it’s refreshing to see such dedication to the day-to-day operational needs of users.
— Jessica Hamptons / Business System Analyst
A fierce advocate for the end user, Jason can articulate and defend his reasoning with tact and clarity.
— Larissa Lowthorp / TimeJump Inc. CEO

Want more? Check out my other portfolios: more on Experience Architect, Web Development, Graphic Design , Tangible Art*, & Woodworking.

* contains human-form art

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