Jason Nguyen
J A S O N / N G U Y E N




Chao, I’m Jason. And I’m an accidental UXer.

I lived the first 18 years of my life in Vietnam, and the last 11 years in America. I graduated with a BA in Computer Science and Business Administration from Coe College, IA. I have designed most of my life, and worked as a freelance graphic designer throughout college. But I wanted a job in software so I could stay in America. It worked out: I worked 2 years in engineering, and got my visa to stay.

Then, I discovered UX. I believe that through design, I could change the world, albeit little by little. A world where information and tech is more accessible is a more just world. And my job is to make it so. I am involved in the UX community and passionate about speaking on how Diversity and Intersectionality influence Empathy. You can find me in CreativeJam sessions and UXPA MN events. Most recently, I attended Enterprise Experience 2019 in San Francisco as a scholarship recipient.

I love cats, sci-fi, and have a part-time woodworking business. My Mid Century Modern-inspired furniture can be found at ModernOx.

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