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CONSERVIS / Perennials

CONSERVIS / Perennials

Conservis serves over $8 billion in land, equipment, and crop assets at all stages of production. In 2015, I was brought on as a UI engineer for the team, and quickly assumed the role of UX lead.

Perennials is a transportation & operational mgmt tool. It was the pivotal expansion of the company into the "cash crops" - permanent fruit and nuts trees like avocados, peaches & walnuts.

I designed the mobile app and home office site for Perennials. I was a part of engineering team, designed database changes & coded APIs, and support the product team to write technical and business requirement.


Work order

There are two main personas for the project - the back office manager and the farm hands. Work Order serves the manager in managing the operations in real-time without having to leave the office. For example, for “harvest” operation, the manager can see each truck’s transport status in real time.


The manager can also create a work order and push to their operators in real time.



Design for the mobile app is challenging, because the personas of the mobile users have many unique requirements: language barriers, cell signal limitation, unfamiliarity with operational documentation, and above all, mobile app usage while in transit. 

The final design was simple, with recognizable icons that relate to the end users, and include many field-tested features such as refresh buttons, quick navigation, intuitive time stamps.


The core of the application is a data entry system. So, my design was focused on making the data organized cleanly.

I ran multiple IA workshop, interviewed end users and stakeholders & worked with chief database architect & help built the APIs. The end result: a concise design of data from the back end to the end users.

For example: Each work order share a collection of tasks, each task has sequence of work, each sequence of work has data like Equipment, Inputs, Labor, etc. Before my work, the concept of “tasks” was not clearly defined.


As a part of the project, I conducted guerrilla user testing in the “field”, literally. Standing in corn fields with users as they interact with the app, I gained so much empathy for them and easily saw their pain points. For example, I discovered they do not like long input forms; so I made form input as short and clean as possible. I also conducted a series of client interviews for context.

Project Manager: Jack Mackowski
UX/Product Design: Jason Nguyen
Mobile App Engineering: Myriad Mobile


UI-UX Design / Graphic Design / Responsive / Native Mobile / Database Design

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