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Original Illustration for project

"Statement & Documents" is a secured file-sharing system, and a central part of the Ameriprise Advisor-Client relationship.

Before this project, the user experience and design was outdated & not responsive. The goal is to make collaborating and secure document storage painless.

Base on our clients research, my aim for this project is "Less is more" - the cleaner & more intuitive the design is, the user-friendlier it gets.

On the surface, the design is extremely simple. But it was one of the most technically challenged projects I have done. The project utilize a third party software service. In order to make the user experience works for multiple complex financial scenarios. I worked closely with engineers, Solution Architects and Product Owners to build live prototypes & conduct usability tests.

The feature was publicly advertised and available for clients in December 2017.  The feature is used by 1,000,000+ users, on a monthly average. On average, approximately 20,000 document uploads happen daily, and 2,000,000+ files moved to the new system. 





What makes the project so fun was my participation in the technical discussion for creation of services, and data modeling. I was a part of the business, technology and UX triage in crafting the solution. Thankfully, I had previous experience in database design. I earned recognition from my peers as an UXers who can deal with such technical demands.

With 20+ user scenarios - but only one user interface, I spent hours drawing graphs like this to illustrate different views and paths for each scenario.


All functionality of the new site is responsive. Many functionality requires an adaptive view, like sharing, action panel, and sort.

I followed Google's Material Design guidelines for adaptive features, such as vertical ellipsis action panels, search panels, & card-table display.

UX Design / IA / Business Architecture / Interaction Design / Product Strategy / Usability Testing / Compliance

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