Jason Nguyen
J A S O N / N G U Y E N

User Experience

User Experience

Started out as a software engineer, I had always been the "customer advocate" guy in every software team I've been part of, so naturally, I got into the UX space. I love the cross-over between design, engineering, psychology and cognitive science.  

As my career progressed, User Experience and Product Design blend together as one skillset. For a comprehensive look on my product skills, you can also visit the Product Design page.

In order to build simple and easy to use applications: I've conducted usability labs / user tests, created personas, designed user flow, and created prototypes (from paper to production-ready code) —I stepped in all parts in the UX life cycle. I served as the sole UX generalist for multi-million dollar projects in industries like Legal Tech, Fin Tech and Ag Tech. I aim to be really good at native mobile patterns, consumer digital products, and operational management tools. Below are my past works.



Facilitating user test on Mobile device

May 2017

He cares so much about the user experience in what he develops; it’s refreshing to see such dedication to the day-to-day operational needs of users he’s never met.
— Jessica Hamptons / Business System Analyst
A fierce advocate for the end user, Jason can articulate and defend his reasoning with tact and clarity.
— Larissa Dale / Sr. UX Architect